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        Address:Fuzhou jinanou even pan ban Road No. 141

        Molding equipment
        Location:Home-Product- Molding equipment

        Spiced roll forming machine

        Technical parameters:
        Model: JX-WXJ-01
        Material: 304 stainless steel
        Voltage: 380/50HZ
        Power: 2.35KW
        Capacity: 2~3 tons / day
        Weight: about 400KG
        Dimension: 42300*1100*1800mm 

        Spiced roll is a Fujian Han special cuisines. Every year the feast, wedding or birthday celebration, a must-have for every household of lasagna, with five spice to entertain friends and family, which is the local traditional folk.
        It with a special hull, wrapped the minced meat, water chestnuts, onion etc., packets into such as Chunbing strips, then down the pan fried brown, cut into pieces, dipped in sauce to eat, fragrant, crisp, crisp, fresh, fantastic. Spiced rolls throughout Fujian, but the most famous is the Xiamen and Zhangzhou, Longhai stone spiced rolls.
        Water cooling line 


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