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        Address:Fuzhou jinanou even pan ban Road No. 141

        Location:Home-Product- Boiled,Fried,Steamed


        Cooked food is hot in the process, the need to cool the air transport, which is used in a multi layer of stainless steel mesh with cooling air cooling machine, The use of high temperature resistant stainless steel food SUS304 material to bring food, food in the multilayer conveyor belt through the multilayer turn over, cool air, in the shortest time to cool down. Can be installed in the side or above the fan to achieve rapid cooling effect. This food cooling conveyor is widely used in food and soy products, cooked food, meat processing plants, cake and bread factory.


        ◎Standard configuration
         ◆With frequency converter, you can freely adjust the speed of the material;
        ◆The main material of the equipment selection of 304 high-quality stainless steel;
        ◆All kinds of products through the wind cooling machine, shorten the exposure time of the product in the air, rapid cooling to room temperature, in order to facilitate the quick freezing of products;
        ◆Stable operation, simple operation, good cooling effect, high production efficiency, saving space, saving labor;
        ◆Enter the material mouth to undertake the water cooling line or water cooling tank, after the lifting machine to carry out air cooling, the material can be transported to the docking conveyor belt into the frozen storage;
        ◆Suitable for the production of products include: covering almost all hot pot food, that is, frozen food.

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