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        Address:Fuzhou jinanou even pan ban Road No. 141

        Location:Home-Product- Boiled,Fried,Steamed

        Continuous type Frying line

        1. Transmission motor 1.1KW * 2, variable frequency speed regulation, circulating oil pump 4kw, upper cover and inner frame lifting motor 0.55kw * 2, stainless steel fan 0.75KW;
        2. It is 8m long, 1.2m wide outside the tank (1.6m at the oil tank), 1000 wide inside, 800mm deep fried area and 2m high (2.4m at the fan)
        3. The main board of the tank is 4mm, and the heat insulation board is 1.5mm, and the heat insulation medium is aluminum silicate cotton.
        4. The transmission is the bottom link chain with a length of 3M and a width of 630mm; the upper shift wheel (hexagonal star type made of punched stainless steel plate).
        5. The upper cover and inner drive bracket are lifted by worm lifting system, with customized stainless steel screw rod; the oil storage tank is 1800l,

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