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        Address:Fuzhou jinanou even pan ban Road No. 141

        Pretreatment equipment
        Location:Home-Product- Pretreatment equipment

        Conbination line of frozen meat pretretment

        Equipment profile

        The raw meat meat meat planing machine after the decomposition by the conveyor belt transported directly to a meat grinder, only 2 people to operate, reduce intermediate links feeding. Labor cost is saved and production efficiency is improved effectively. According to different process requirements, the conveyor belt can be installed above the fan, the meat cut before cutting, so that the temperature increased slightly, is conducive to the later filling, beating or mixing.

         Technical parameter
        Production capacity: 2500 ~ 4000kg/h
        Total power: 45KW
        Raw meat temperature: -5 ~ -18 DEG C
        Area: 2 meters * 6 meters

        Device configuration instructions

        Meat planing machine weight, equipped with antiskid damping foot, smooth running, low noise. The cut meat pieces are adjustable in size and can be directly processed into the next process. Automatic feeding, effectively reduce the work intensity of workers. The protective cover is installed above the material path, the operation is safe, and the automatic protection function is provided. When the cover is opened, the machine is automatically power-off. The blade is made of high quality alloy steel, sharp and durable, double blade can be recycled, and equipment maintenance cost is reduced. The bearing seat is made of big diameter 304 round steel, with heavy bearings in it. Each bearing has a service life of at least 1 years, which reduces the cost of use and is stronger than the ordinary tile box. Frozen meat grinder cage, cage, support ring are high precision casting process, casting a structure, high strength, not easy. The cutter is made of 9CrSi, after forging, quenching performance, wear resistance and long service life. High power motor with enough power and big thrust can directly cut and cut frozen meat. Gear box precision machining, gear helical structure, after grinding teeth, with smooth, small noise, smooth operation. The mounting of the gear box fixing bolt is convenient for dismounting and maintenance. The reducer can increase the torque, increase screw thrust, shorten the time of heating small meat meat processing.

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