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        Address:Fuzhou jinanou even pan ban Road No. 141

        Pretreatment equipment
        Location:Home-Product- Pretreatment equipment

        Meat grinder 250#

        Model: JX-JR250

        Voltage: 380V / 50Hz

        Power: 37KW

        Hole cutter diameter: 250mm

        Raw material temperature: 0 ~ - 10 ℃

        Production capacity: 2000-4000kg / h

        Weight: ≈ 1500kg

        Boundary dimension: 1850*1100*1700mm


        Product introduction:
        Frozen meat mincer is a common equipment for processing meat products. It can directly mince the frozen meat without thawing. Through changing the hole knife, it can process various specifications of particles to meet different technological requirements. It can effectively reduce the production cost, slow down the temperature rise of raw meat in the process of processing, and extend the shelf life of products. The frozen meat grinder is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is easy to operate, stable in performance, easy to clean and high in production efficiency.

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