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        Pretreatment equipment
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        Frozen meat Cutting machine

        Technical parameters:
        Model: jx-QD520
        Material: 304 stainless steel
        Power supply: 380V / 50Hz
        Power: 11kw
        Capacity: 3000kg / h
        Cutter head speed: 330 / min
        Material track specification: 650*520*190mm
        Raw material temperature: - 5 ~ - 18 ℃
        Weight: 880Kg
        Boundary dimension: 2200*1080*1100mm


        Product introduction:
        This machine can directly cut 25kg standard frozen chicken, pork, fish and so on, which are not thawed, into slices and pieces of meat. It is the first process of chopper and mincer. It has the characteristics of reliable performance, high production efficiency and no pollution to food. It greatly reduces the workload in the early stage of meat products, reduces the refrigeration cost in the production process of users, reduces the infection rate of bacteria, and improves the shelf life. The structure is firm and easy to operate.

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