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        Address:Fuzhou jinanou even pan ban Road No. 141

        Location:Home-Product- Boiled,Fried,Steamed

        Sausage cut flowers machine
        Product introduction: This machine adopts the design of two-way working mode. The main hardware: bearings and guide rails are imported from Japan, which are not easy to wear, so that the failure rate and maintenance rate will be minimized. Working mode: manually put sausage into the entrance → automatically cut in half → automatically separate into the guide rails on both sides after cutting → transport to the waist flower forming tool holder for work → waist flower sausage products. Advantages: Sausage does not need to be cut and reshaped. It can be finished in one entry. Continuous work makes the defective rate almost zero, and reduces the production cost from the side.


        Technical parameters:
        Equipment modelJX-YH500
        Main materials304不銹鋼
        Voltage / frequency380V/50HZ
        Motor power1.5KW
        Suitable for casingφ19~21mm
        Product length50mm
        Machine weight≈300KG
        Overall dimensionL1180*W700*H1400mm

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