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        Address:Fuzhou jinanou even pan ban Road No. 141

        Pretreatment equipment
        Location:Home-Product- Pretreatment equipment

        150KG Beating Machine

        Technical parameters:
        Model JX-150#
        Voltage: 380V/50HZ
        Power: 18.5KW
        Capacity: 150KG/ barrels / time
        Weight: 1400KG
        Dimensions: 2000*1000*1800mm

        The feed bucket of the product adopts double-layer heat insulation, which makes the temperature of paste steady within the bucket, makes the beaten paste taste better, and can beat various pastes and fish and pork products. The product's manually operated rod can turn the bucket to deliver the feed, which is easy to operate, convenient to use, designed reasonably, working safely, looking beautiful. Beating machines of different specifications can be customized in accordance with the demands of users.


        Customer factory real beat
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